Festivals in the area

Festivals and events in the area

There are a lot of yearly festivals in the area. Most of them are on the same weekend each year. Here are some of them that’s well worth a visit. We will update for next year as soon as the dates are ready. 

Easterwalk in Castelnuvo Calcea, 2 day of Easter

The second day of Easter there is a walk in the vineyards and sorroundings around Castelnuovo Calcea. It ends with a nice lunch on the top of the Castello. 

Aspargusfestival in Vinchio

The asparagus is at its best in the month of May and in Vinchio, our neighbor village, has made a festival to honor this fantastic vegetable. The meals are prepared with asparagus and wine from the local cooperative is served. 

Giro del Nizza – 26. April 2020

During Giro del Nizza a lot of the wine producers in the area around Nizza opens their cellars for people to visit. They also serve some food to go with the wine. 

The event starts at the Regional Enoteca of Nizza Monferrato where the participants get a glass for the winetasting and a map of the producers. Then you travel between the different producers to taste wine, have some food and maybe a chat with the producers themselves.  

Nizza è Barbera – wine festival in Nizza Monferrato second weekend in May 

Every year the second weekend of May there are a big wine festival in Foro Boari at Piazza Garibaldi in Nizza Monferrato.

Around 50 wine producers in the area are participating and it is possible to taste around 250 different wines.

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Barbera unplugged in Agliano Terme - weekend mai/june

Music, food and wine in our neighbouring village Agliano Terme. Including winetasting of the villages wine producers. 

Barrelrace – Corsa delle Botti – Nizza Monferrato 8-9 June 2019

The barrelrace between the villages is a yearly event in June in the streets of Nizza Monferrato. 

In the competition the village teams compete to be the first to enter the finish line by running with winebarrels in the streets. The speed is high and there’s a good crowd cheering them on around the city. 

At Piazza Garibaldi there are lots of different local food and drinks for sale.


Festa di Agosto – Castelnuovo Calcea, the first weekend of August each year

This is the yearly festival in our village. It lasts for several days and the castel is packed with people during the evenings. There ar live music and lot of local cuisine is beeing served. 

It’s trulu amazing to see this little village crowded with people. 

In 2019 the festival took place from the 2. to the 6. of August. 



Festival delle Sagre Astigiane – second Sunday in September in Asti each year


The food and wine festival “Festivale delle Sagre”  is arranged every year on the second Sunday in September in Asti.

There are a lot of visitors in Asti at this day and all the different villages around has a booth where they sell local dishes and wine. The festival begins with a big parade.

There are also a seperate wine festival in Asti which last for a week.


Trufflefestival in Alba (October/November)

Alba is well known as the capital of the white truffle. Each year from October to November the international truffel festival is held.

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Barbera Fish Festival – (Every other year) , 11-13 October 2019 in Agliano Terme

Barbera Fish Festival is arranged every other year in our neigbouring village Agliano terme. This is a cooperation between Norway and Italy. Barbera wine togheter with cod from Lofoten🍷🐟 A superb combination👍😊 

Most of the villages wine producers participate in a tasting in the curch in Agliano and lot of different dishes are served where the main igredient is cod.