About us

Who are Trine and Endre?

We are a Norwegian couple that feels partly from the North and partly form the West. We were both raised, and went to school, in Tromsø in the northern part of Norway before we moved to Bergen in the west to study more than 20 years ago. This makes it hard to say where “home” is.

In the spring of 2017, we finally signed the contract for our new home here in Piemonte and less than a year later we moved here.  A new chapter was about to start.

Trine has a degree in economics from the University of Bergen. This degree has opened many doors and opportunities within economics and later management.  The University of Bergen, Bergen Kommune and Bergen Art University are some of the places Trine has workes before Cascina Allegria.

Endre has a degree in computer engineering from what is now called Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. After 10 years as a consultant, the next stop was a weather company and then a bank. Even if the computer is exchanged with a tractor, the geek in him still lives and making webpages and small programs is still a hobby.

In addition to Trine and Endre three dogs also live on Cascina Allegria. 

Lara is the oldest – 13 years – and is a mix between Labrador and Geman Sheppard. Doffen is a  Border Collie and came to us when he has 1, now he is 10. Ipa is the youngest (4) and also a  Border Collie.  They all do or have done agility. If you do not know what agility is, it is a dog sport where the dog is supposed to complete an obstacle course in the shortest possible time with the help of the owner/handler.